Brazilians read newspaper sites on tabletsSurvey by comScore

Brazilians most frequently access journals through electronic devices such as tablets and smartphones, according to research from comScore, a company that measures internet data around the world. In a list of 13 countries, Brazil is followed by Chile and Britain as the most active in accessing news sites by devices other than desktops and notebooks.

The result indicates that, of all countries studied (Britain, Singapore, Japan, United States, Spain, Chile, Argentina, Germany, France, India, Canada, Australia), Brazilians were significantly more likely to access newspaper websites through non-computer devices, with a index of 316, followed by Chilean (226) and British (184) internet users.

When it comes to accessing journalistic content via computers, Argentina tops the list with 98.6% of its traffic to newspaper portals. Following this is Brazil, with 98.1%, but tied with Germany. However, in total only 1% of access to newspaper websites in Brazil is made by mobile devices, 0.8% of this via tablets and 0.1% for others.

Another highlight of the study shows the impact of the iPad and other tablets in the world. According to comScore, when it comes to internet access by devices other than computers, the iPad is the most widely used, with 89% of the traffic recorded in tablets. Canada has the highest use of Apple devices (33.5%), followed by Brazil (31.8%), where Android represents only 1.6% of the tablets. Among smartphones, the iPhone is the most used by Brazilians to access the Internet (21%), followed by Android devices (11.7%) and other operating systems (11.3%). The iPod Touch accounts for 4.1% of non-computer traffic in Brazil. Other devices such as those used for video games and music players account for only 1.1%.

More information about the research from comScore here.

23 June 2011